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Lianne has been happy to call beautiful Huron County home for most of her life, she has a 70 year family history in the area. You may recognize her as one of Blyth’s piano ‘girls’, as for the past 17 years she has successfully run a music store and instrument restoration centre, serving the community’s musical needs and specializing in bringing heirloom pianos back to life.

From a young age, Lianne was taught the value of seeing the potential for improvement, her family homes were always in a state of renovations, and each one served as a stepping stone to a new and exciting change in life. She has continued this tradition into adult life, always transforming her own properties along the way. Lianne has never shied away from hard physical work, from moving pianos, to drywalling or laying floors, rest assured, Lianne will get the job done!

While life can have many adventures and stepping stones, the reality is that challenges also are a part of it, and two short years ago Lianne’s life was changed dramatically a challenging health matter, putting her on track to make some life changes. Coupled with excellent experiences dealing with a well respected realtor, this led her to the real estate field, and she is now thrilled to be able to help others find places to call home, and to help those moving on to new places in life. She works hard to pay it forward by helping ones in her community as she now enjoys good health, thanks to the care of so many. In her spare time she loves being with her family and friends, seeing unique places in the world, woodworking, and loving her motley crew of dogs.

Lianne brings with her not only practical knowledge of house structure but creative thinking and always a vision. She has a keen eye for recognizing the value and potential for an investment property. She is thrilled to be working with buyers and sellers as they too move forward to the next chapters of their lives!

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